The Beckerman Sisters Travel to Mexico with Grazia

Cailli and Sam Beckerman, better known as the “Beckerman Sisters” were invited earlier this month to a special trip to Mexico, courtesy of Grazia. The Canadian twin sisters, whose blog – Beckerman blog – is globally known to all fashionistas for its bold and playful style, participated to a series of events and activities that generated a lot of buzz.
A conference was organized at the Universidad Ibero, the best in Mexico together with Grazia Mexico’s editor-in-chief Fernanda Lebrija Garfias. The Beckermans were also shot for an exclusive fashion editorial and then invited to Enotek, an Italian restaurant in Mexico city, for a chic night with advertising clients.
The visit was a lot of fun for the sisters and a great success for Grazia Mexico’s brand, with a true explosion of participation on all social media platforms!